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Using our 13 years of experience & expertise in digital innovations, OLA Digital Health provides comprehensive digital offerings like Telehealth, Cost Plus Models, and prescription-subscription models to independent pharmacies. So that you grow, make more profit, improve patient’s healthcare experience & get future-ready.

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In the digital health era, Telehealth companies have become big competitors, offering free telehealth consultations and direct shipping of prescriptions to patients' homes. This not just snatches the customer but the revenue too.

Ola Digital Health provides a platform that seamlessly integrates with your pharmacy's website, allowing patients to conveniently access extended telehealth services from licensed doctors. They can then place an order for prescription delivery, which will be conveniently delivered to their doorstep. By utilizing our platform, you can not only enhance your services but also streamline the entire prescription delivery process, making it smooth and easy for your customers.

How it Works
Step 1

Patient will click on the embedded link on the pharmacy website

Step 2

From there, the patient accesses the telehealth services on the site

Step 3

Seamlessly, the patient gets connected to providers

Step 4

Provider will send the prescription to the preferred pharmacy

The value ODH brings
Attract new customers across 50+ states
Experience improved cash flow
Improve your GCR
Increase generic
Profit from MD Consult
Retain customers going to other telehealth companies
How much does it cost?
  • $24.99/ Month
  • $14.99/ month exclusively till September 30th 2023
  • Cost plus + Subscription + Telehealth - $39.99/month
  • Telehealth alone - $24.99/month
  • Cost plus and subscription - $14.99/month
  • Also, Get Three Services, One Price – Just $24.99!
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