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Welcome to Ola Health Digital, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care. We’re dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery with our B2B tech solutions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing services, we’ve got you covered.


Our Solutions

Advanced Telehealth Solutions

Virtual Care Gateway

Step into the future of healthcare with our innovative platform. Featuring video and audio calls, asynchronous questionnaires, and customizable interfaces, our HIPAA-certified solution ensures secure and flexible patient interactions.

White Label Offerings

Transform your telehealth platform and offer a seamless, personalized experience for your clients.

Healthcare Providers

With our expansive network of physicians and nurse practitioners across all 50 states, whether it’s a routine check-up, acute care or specialized care services, we’ve got the experts your patients need.

Independent Pharmacy

Our robust pharmacy network spans the entire country, providing sterile and mail-order pharmacy services. With SureScripts certification, electronic prescriptions are a breeze, making the process seamless for both you and your patients.

Who We Serve

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Healthcare Providers

Looking to expand beyond the walls of your clinic?

Our telehealth platform allows you to offer weight loss and other health services virtually, giving you the tools to enhance patient care and extend your reach.


Ready to dive into the world of virtual wellness?

Our turnkey solutions like telehealth website and platform make it easy to launch your own virtual wellness health program like weight loss, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), or erectile dysfunction services, acute care and more.

Independent Pharmacies

Looking to provide acute care turnkey solutions like weight loss?

Bridge the gap between patients and prescriptions with our virtual care integration. Patients can connect with providers, obtain prescriptions, and streamline their care—all through your pharmacy.

Telehealth Features


Virtual Care, Anywhere

Fast Tracking Comprehensive
Telehealth Solutions

At Ola Health Digital, we are committed to setting the standard in virtual care, providing best-in-class technology and delivering a high-quality patient experience to our healthcare partners nationwide.

Ready For
Virtual Healthcare?

Ready For
Virtual Healthcare?

Our Clients

Compassionate Commitment Dedicated to Your Success

At Ola Digital Health, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with innovative, reliable technology solutions with a mission to support healthcare providers in delivering exceptional care via cutting-edge digital platforms.


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