360-Degree Digital Health - Revolutionizing Healthcare
The Problem:
No visibility into what happens outside the doctor's office
How Ola Digital Health Platform Helps You
Ola Digital Health makes it easy to take care of your health using just your smartphone.

A care triangle with the patient, physician and pharmacy on one platform. 

360-Degree View of Your Health
Connect with Your Care Team
Proactive Health Management
Rx Free Delivery
Healthcare Reimagined
View Health Records

Retrieve and stay current with your clinical records from past visits- immunisations, Allergies, Diagnoses, Care plans, and more- available in one convenient location.

Digital Pharmacy

Access a comprehensive drug database to manage prescriptions with ease through Rx viewing, transfers, and requests.

Digital Health Delivery

View all your prescriptions and request refills. Chat with your pharmacist to get all your questions answered.

Telehealth Consults

Enter a virtual waiting room to video chat with your care team. You can also play back the recorded encounter at your convenience.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Measure your vital signs, view trends, and receive customized feedback and notifications from your care team.

Market Landscape
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Whether you're looking for top-notch care for your beloved elderly family member or you're a healthcare provider intrigued by the potential of this groundbreaking technology, feel free to connect with us.

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