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Health Care providers go above and beyond to cater patients

But factors like age, marital status, mental & physical health, communication and non adherence from the patient's side has affected their full potential. In Spite of their strong commitment to gauge, guide and connect there has been a lack.

Until now, introducing the much-needed TV Based Healthcare. By simply plugging the device into the TV, patients can access the quality care from healthcare professionals, and connect with their family and friends.

Why TV

Its the most loved, chosen, used device among aging population

Convenient Access

Easy To Use

Present in every household

Seamless Voice & Camera Accessibility

Can be activated remotely

Enables patients to take control of their

Health Journey
Access convenient telehealth services at home
Enjoy AI companionship
Schedule weekly/monthly primary care on your TV
Play virtual Bingo with global friends on Zoom
Get medication & appointment reminders
Watch educational videos on preventive wellness
Stay connected with loved ones easily
Communicate silently with text messages on TV
A Win-Win

for Healthcare Organizations Too!

Chronic care management (CCM)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Remote Therapeutic monitoring (RTM)

Automated health check-ins

Mental health services & Telehealth consultations

Educational videos & Physiotherapy

Companionship & Entertainment

Care coordination & Preventive care initiatives

Fitness programs & Exercises

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